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Eyes - How To

How To: Nail an everyday copper shadow

Applying eye shadow is often tricky business. Too much can make you look overdone and too little can make you look unfinished. Here, we show you how to apply a bold eye shadow that’s subtle, effortless and easy enough to do every day.

Choose an eye shadow palette that has at least one neutral and one strong metallic as you’ll get the most wear out of these shades. Not only will they match most outfits and suit every skin tone, they’ll brighten and enhance your entire complexion without being too bold.

According to Makeup Artist Tobi Henney: “Taupe is a fantastic base that suits all eye colours. Golds and bronze tones are perfect for blue eyed beauties and purple undertones work well on those with brown and green eyes.” 

Henney talks us through how to recreate this easy-peasy bronzed shadow. We recommend ModelCo Eyeshadow Trio in ‘Bronzed Goddess’.

Step One: Apply a thin layer of concealer to your eyelids with the tip of your finger. ModelCo FluidSplash 3 in 1 Foundation is the perfect choice as it comes with an inbuilt concealer and eye base perfect for creating a canvas that will make your eye shadow application a breeze.

ModelCo tip: If you apply eye shadow directly onto skin, it may take a few applications to build up to the colour that you want. Applying concealer first means the eye shadow goes on perfectly in one to two swipes.

Step Two: With a brown eyeliner pencil (more natural-looking than black), draw a line as close as possible to your upper lashline. Henney advises to smudge after application: A soft fluffy brush will soften the edges and avoid any harsh lines.” 

Step Three: Using ModelCo Eyeshadow Trio in ‘Bronzed Goddess’, apply the lightest shade ‘Maldives’ over your entire eyelid, do this from lash line to your eyebrow. Then using the darkest shade ‘Jamaica’ smudge the colour from the lash line to the crease. 

ModelCo Tip: Emphasising the crease in your lid makes your eyes appear larger.

Step Four: Apply the shimmering bronze shade ‘St Barts in a V-shape to the corners of your eyes to give your eyes depth, then using your fingers, smudge it across the whole eye. Layering it on top of the other shades will give your colour depth and brightness. Use a soft brush to extend the shadow to the browbone if you want a more dramatic finish. Then to finish it off, Henney suggests: “slightly wetting your eyeshadow brush and lining the inner rim of your bottom lashline to really polish off your look.”

Photography: Tane Coffin
Hair and Makeup: Tobi Henney

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